About The Big Cheese

Scott Ochoa
AKA The Big Cheese of Training

Nobody likes reading a long write up about how great something thinks they are so I will keep my bragging short. I’m a three-term Chamber of Commerce President, been in sales for twenty years, self employed for seventeen years (as of 2020). I’ve sold mattresses, computer support, furniture, electronics, car and motorcycle insurance, document shredding, document imaging, data backup, software services, air purifiers, waterless car wash products, electricity and I probably missed some others. My formal education is in Business Management and Accounting. I’ve also worked as a communications project managemer and computer network administrator for the U.S. Air Force (my family has a proud service history). In 2019 I appeared as a drag queen on MTV’s “Drag My Dad” in New York City. What does that have to do with you and your business? Not a dang thing. It’s a cool story and there’s more where that came from. My passion? Business and people. Let’s do this!

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